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As 400,000 people a year are still being killed by malaria, researchers in Seattle are fervently working on a vaccine.

How close are they?

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One by one, several UW Medicine researchers at an April 12 meeting told U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) about what cuts to the National Institutes of Health’s budget would mean for their research and their careers.

UW Medicine media contact: Susan Gregg, 206.616.6730; sghanson@uw.edu

A team of global researchers led by UW Medicine nephrologist Bernadette Thomas investigated the effects of kidney disease on a person's heart condition and cardiovascular health.

Former University of Washington football star John Ross relates how he overcame two knee injuries and went on to set the NFL Combine record for the 40-yard dash. He now is projected to be a top-round pick in next week's NFL Draft.

A new cryo-electron microscope, which can reveal cellular and viral structures at near-atomic resolution,  will soon be arriving in Seattle.

The two women, Laurie Boatsman and Janis Dougan, wanted dearly to give kidneys to their loved ones, but they didn't match as donors.

Textbook diagrams of cells show a cursory membrane, nucleus and mitochondria. They have never adequately conveyed cells' variation and complexity.


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