UWMC – University of Washington Medical Center

Thousands of academic faculty and community physicians are affiliated with the patient care, educational and research endeavors of UW Medicine.

As more patients gain access to the results of their X-rays and other radiology studies through hospital web portals, radiologists are likely to have more direct patient contact.

A UW Medicine team in August became the first in the Pacific Northwest to transplant an intestine in an adult patient.  

The incidence of inherited DNA-repair gene mutations appears to be significantly higher among men with more aggressive prostate cancers, according to a report today, July 6, in the  New England Journal of Medicine

All four UW Medicine hospitals are flying rainbow flags to honor the people who were killed in the June 12 shooting at Pulse, an Orlando, Florida, nightclub.

I did my best to make small talk with the Uber driver even though the pain in my gut was making it difficult.

The results of an exploratory clinical trial indicate that a wearable artifical kidney could be developed as a viable, new dialysis technology.  Some redesigns would be required to overcome device-related, techn

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When Sherronda Jamerson heard about RISE, a research study for people who are at high risk of developing diabetes, she knew she needed to take action.


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