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What events and circumstances open one's eyes to the marvel of science and experimentation?

With a little help from NASA, injured runners can defy both gravity and the typical recovery timetable. 

Ellie Roush gathers in a circle with the other tango dancers at Valley Medical Center and says she’s not giving up. 

Dr. Jeff Sung first felt the anguish and guilt of losing a patient to suicide when he was a UW resident training in psychiatry and behavioral sciences. 

Clinicians have known for years that people who start drinking as adolescents are prone to develop alcohol problems and make riskier decisions as adults. But scientists have been unable to say why, exactly. 

An experimental treatment for people with neuroblastoma, an often-fatal nerve-cell disease, is being heralded as a "game-changer." The national study was led by Dr.

Researchers at UW Medicine and the Puget Sound Veterans Affairs healthcare system have begun a study of donated brains of service members to examine for negative outcomes potentially linked to repeated blast injury.

Phillip Hwang grew up wanting to make a difference. He long assumed he’d do so as a doctor.

It's summertime, the weather is hot, and splinters are plentiful. As you spread beauty bark around your garden, head to the boardwalk or find a park bench for lunch, beware the tiny sliver of wood that can bury itself under your skin.

There is no universal response to a cancer diagnosis. Whether a patient is old, young, stage I or stage IV, everyone has a unique emotional reaction.


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