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Every Wednesday at a retirement home in north Seattle, a group of women in their 80s and 90s meet.

Primary-care doctors make first-line decisions about which patients – say, with an abnormal mole or a gastric complaint – should be referred out for cancer tests that are often expensive, invasive or difficult to schedule quickly.

Washington is the latest state to respond to public concerns about overexposure to radiation during medical procedures. Starting in January, state Department of Health will enforce new regulations related to CT (computed tomography) scans.

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Students who binge-drink on their 21st birthday are more likely to drink heavily in the future, according to research published thi

Scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle have deciphered key rules that govern how proteins form pocket-like structures essential to many protein functions.

In the 1980s, cardiologists recognized that patients with heart failure – a poor quality of blood-pumping that can persist for years – were also more likely to die suddenly of cardiac arrest. 

Many people report getting sick when they don’t get enough sleep. A new study helps explain why.

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Researchers have found promising results for treating depression with a video game interface that targets underlying cognitive issues associated with depression rather than just managing the symptoms.


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