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A Connecticut court's decision to force a 17-year-old girl to undergo potentially life-saving chemotherapy is rational and in line with community standards, said a University of Washington professor of pediatric medicine.

It’s late in the season and late in the game – a time when every yard gained takes on more meaning as players extend beyond their physical limits.

UW Medicine today launched its virtual clinic, giving Washington state residents access to care of minor illnesses from the convenience of their home or office, 24 hours a day, for a flat fee of $40.

Dehydration? Seizure? Long QT? Arrhythmia?

On the heels of examining Cyrus Clendanie, an 8-year-old who’d passed out and conked his head the day before, Jamie Oh posed conditions that might’ve spurred the event.

Psychiatrist David Kopacz works at the Veterans Affairs primary care clinic in Seattle and is an acting assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Washington.

When people talk about legends at the University of Washington, Roger Rosenblatt is one of them.

The patient story is usually incomplete. This is the challenge that Sarah Kolnik, a general surgery intern, faced during her four-week rotation on the burn intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center. 

Research studies of chronic low-back pain should be more consistent in design, in order to progress faster toward better treatment, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said today.

[Editor's note: Guy Maddison and his family have relocated and he no longer works at Harborview Medical Center.]

With effort and purpose, Deanna Theiss raised her arm, then glided it down and across her body, watching intently as a cartoon fish mirrored her movements on a TV monitor several feet away. 


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