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Researchers have shown for the first time, in pregnant nonhuman primates, that Group B streptococcus bacteria employ a toxin to escape first-line immune defenses in the placenta and rapidly infect the amniotic cavity and developing fetus. 

Researchers have found that breastfeeding mothers taking the antiretroviral drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine have a low risk of side effects.


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Leila Gray, 206.685.0381,

Media contact:

Leila Gray, 206.685.0381,

Mechanical ventilation may be lifesaving, but in certain patient cases it may prolong suffering without a clear benefit. 

A new study by University of Washington researchers reveals how cells keep inflammation in check by secreting protein antagonists that bind to and block inflammatory signals from white cells. 

A study of people’s sensations from light striking single cones in the eye’s retina is making scientists rethink how we see the world.

Media contact:  Leila Gray, 206.685.0381,

A virus that causes severe respiratory infections evades our immune system by concealing proteins on its surface behind sugar “shields,” UW Medicine researchers report in a new study appearing in the journal

Scientists at the University of Washington’s Institute for Protein Design have shown it is possible to create small, hyperstable peptides that could provide the basis for developing powerful new drugs and diagnostic tests. 


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