NW – Northwest Hospital

Thousands of academic faculty and community physicians are affiliated with the patient care, educational and research endeavors of UW Medicine.

As more patients gain access to the results of their X-rays and other radiology studies through hospital web portals, radiologists are likely to have more direct patient contact.

All four UW Medicine hospitals are flying rainbow flags to honor the people who were killed in the June 12 shooting at Pulse, an Orlando, Florida, nightclub.

As peak flu season begins, the number of cases is increasing in King County, mirroring the increase reported nationwide, said Dr.

Hernia: It’s something that happens to millions of Americans. A hernia is a condition in which an organ or internal tissue bulges through a weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue that surrounds it.

It’s a place no one wants to end up: the emergency room. But according to Dr.

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