HMC – Harborview Medical Center

As the number of bike crashes increases, Consumer Reports looks at the role of bike helmets in protecting against debilitating injury or death.

Thousands of academic faculty and community physicians are affiliated with the patient care, educational and research endeavors of UW Medicine.

As more patients gain access to the results of their X-rays and other radiology studies through hospital web portals, radiologists are likely to have more direct patient contact.

CBS News cites a report by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine outlining the staggering costs to the U.S. economy from undiagnosed, untreated sleep apnea.  This is a condition in which a person's breathing pauses episodically during sleep.

A 7-year-old girl sticks her finger through the spinning spokes of her brother’s bike. The tip gets torn off.

All four UW Medicine hospitals are flying rainbow flags to honor the people who were killed in the June 12 shooting at Pulse, an Orlando, Florida, nightclub.

In his eight short years, Ayden has lived in nearly every corner of this country:   Texas, Connecticut, Alaska, and now Washington. 

Starting today, UW Medical Center's Emergency Department will offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for victims of sexual assault.

Gun-related fatalities are a problem in Washington state: Within the past few years, 665 people on average have died each year from firearm injuries—more people than were killed in car crashes.


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