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Leah Backhus, a thoracic surgeon and University of Washington assistant professor of surgery, is one of three U.S.

The state Department of Health was seeing more instances of surface-water plants having to shut down temporarily, and was seeking guidance about how to better safeguard Washington's watersheds and drinking-water quality. 

It’s late in the season and late in the game – a time when every yard gained takes on more meaning as players extend beyond their physical limits.

Dehydration? Seizure? Long QT? Arrhythmia?

On the heels of examining Cyrus Clendanie, an 8-year-old who’d passed out and conked his head the day before, Jamie Oh posed conditions that might’ve spurred the event.

When people talk about legends at the University of Washington, Roger Rosenblatt is one of them.

The patient story is usually incomplete. This is the challenge that Sarah Kolnik, a general surgery intern, faced during her four-week rotation on the burn intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center. 

In 1967, John Betz was recruited to train as a physician assistant, a new category of healthcare practitioner between doctor and nurse.

Like the canary in the coal mine, animals getting sick may hold an important message for people about shared environmental health risks.

In less than two decades, 3-D printers have raised the public’s eyebrows so often that their manufacturers might've reasonably been accused of grandstanding. Last month, a working automobile of carbon-fiber plastic was printed in 45 hours.

Americans, on average, undergo nine surgeries during their lifetimes. If you face surgery in the next few months, prepare by taking care of yourself.


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