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Timothy Woodiwiss left high school at 16 to work at McDonald's. He joined the National Guard at 18 to help in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. Through multiple career and family changes, he always kept college in the back of his mind. 

A study of 17 large companies in Washington state found a substantial increase in the use of evidence-based health promotion practices after the first year of the program.

As a young teenager standing at the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest point, Keolu Fox experienced relativity for the first time: The Milky Way’s endless expanse stretched out overhead, a vision that not only humbled him but also changed his pe

A graduate class at the University of Washington's School of Public Health gives students first-hand involvement in detecting potential health and safety hazards in industrial workplaces.

Julie Middleton and Kayla McMahon are among the University of Washington medical students providing care this winter in rural and underserved Northwest outposts.

Nancy Krieger is no stranger to Seattle. The Harvard professor of social epidemiology lived here in the ‘80s, received her master’s in epidemiology from the University of Washington, and has a brother, James, who is a UW clinical professor.

The University of Washington School of Medicine is one of 20 across the country selected to innovate new ways to educate future physicians.

[Watch this Evening Magazine story about Jessica's experience with UW's new med-school curriculum.]

The UW Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science has launched a program to expand mental health services across the state.

To shape an artificial ear, medical students practice with bars of soaps, potatoes and apples to hone their techniques.


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