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It's summertime, the weather is hot, and splinters are plentiful. As you spread beauty bark around your garden, head to the boardwalk or find a park bench for lunch, beware the tiny sliver of wood that can bury itself under your skin.

The University of Washington School of Medicine and the University of Idaho will welcome the largest-ever entering class of medical students in Idaho when students begin the 2016-17 academic year in August.

New research suggests that bariatric surgery (also known as obesity surgery) may be much more effective than an intensive lifestyle/medication intervention at reversing type 2 diabetes in patients with only mild-to-moderate obesity.

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce on Tuesday invited the UW community and its partners to develop a long-range vision for improving health and well-being across the planet.

Academic medical centers are known as magnets for suffering, not only for patients but for physicians and healthcare workers working in that world every day.

The 2016-17 Magnuson Scholars were recently named. The students, one from each of the six Health Sciences schools, were selected for outstanding academic performance and potential contributions to research in the health sciences.

The Zika virus definitely causes birth defects, according to a special report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published April 13 in the Ne

It’s a scene straight out of Harry Potter: Nervous students await their fate during an annual ritual.

UW undergraduate Randy Lu grasps a pair of tweezers in each hand. His fingers make imperceptible movements as he dissects the tiny abdomen of a fruit fly.

Two years ago, the UW's program for training physician-assistants, MEDEX, started a free clinic for the homeless in Tacoma, Washington. One Sunday a month, a group of student volunteers gives foot care to anyone who shows up.


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