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On a recent sunny morning at a Seattle community center, a group of schoolchildren took a few hours out of day camp to share music and conversation with older adults.

Surgical residents learn their craft mostly in the operating room, watching and assisting mentors with patient procedures until their skills and poise suffice to fly solo. 

Kenny Sherr heads the world’s only Ph.D. program in implementation science, based in the University of Washington's Department of Global Health.

Delivering healthcare in a refurbished RV has an appeal far different than a clinic setting, says Kira Sandon.

Josephine Ensign became a nurse to help people who were experiencing poverty and homelessness. She never expected to face hardships similar to those of her patients.

Dr. Jeff Sung first felt the anguish and guilt of losing a patient to suicide when he was a UW resident training in psychiatry and behavioral sciences. 

Living with childhood injuries and persistent medical problems, Ismail Jatta cultivated patience that has served him well as a caregiver.

Phillip Hwang grew up wanting to make a difference. He long assumed he’d do so as a doctor.

In his eight short years, Ayden has lived in nearly every corner of this country:   Texas, Connecticut, Alaska, and now Washington. 


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