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SLIDESHOW:  The 2017 Investiture of Doctoral Hoods and Physician's Oath ceremony of the University of Washington School of Medicine was held last week.  This is the event where M.D.

Paul James followed a calling to become a family doctor in Bethel, North Carolina. The town of roughly 1,600 in the eastern part of the state near Greenville is where his parents had a farm.

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Washington State Department of Health, Julie Graham, 360.810.1628

Infectious Disease News asked two University of Washington specialists for context about Ebola's rise in 2013-14 and how medicine is working to control the disease.

The University of Washington’s social work program was ranked No. 1 in the world in an analysis published this week. It was the highest among 45 University of Washington subject areas identified as in the top 10 globally.

On Match Day 2017, Friday, March 17, graduating medical students participating in the National Residency Match will simultaneously learn where they are going for residency training.

Graduating medical students around the country discovered today, March 17,  where they’ll spend the next three to seven years as residents.

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Kim Blakeley, 206-685-1323,

The University of Wyoming has approved plans to renovate the Laramie campus to accommodate both first- and second-year students simultaneously -- a reflection of new curriculum in the University of Washington's medical program, which spans five


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