UW invests to protect health of construction-program trainees

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UW invests to protect health of construction-program trainees

Occupational and environmental health experts ensure that safety is a cornerstone of state’s pre-apprentice opportunity

Not everyone in the Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council’s King County Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Education (PACE) program makes it to graduation. It’s a grueling 11-week, 380-hour course for adults, many of whom have struggled in life. But those who get through have a 90-percent placement rate and the chance to make $18-20 an hour as an apprentice.

Because the construction industry is rife with job hazards, particularly for new workers, the program's safety training comes from instructors in environmental and occupational health sciences in the University of Washington’s School of Public Health. 

“PACE gives students a strong foundation in workplace safety and health, setting them up for safer, longer careers in a construction trade,” said Butch de Castro, a UW adjunct associate professor.

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