Mindful of son’s trauma, author tends to kids’ chakras

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Mindful of son’s trauma, author tends to kids’ chakras

Edmonds woman writes book after she and baby were hit by car
Bobbi Nodell

On Jan. 31, 2013, Bridget Halfaker was hit by a car with her 8-month-old son, James, strapped to her chest. Halfaker’s last memory was putting her hand out in front. She was found lying on her right side, shielding her son.  She bore the brunt of injuries, but her son was clearly traumatized. Halfaker wanted to help her baby heal emotionally by opening his chakras, believed in some circles to be the body's energy points.

She couldn’t find a book for children, so she wrote one. 

Courtesy of Bridget Halfaker
The author reads the chakra book to her son, James.
picture of the author reading the chakra book to her son James

Toddler Chakras offers simple exercises for young kids to do to open the seven chakras. Halfaker said she will donate proceeds from the book's sale, through Jan. 31, 2015, to Harborview Medical Center's trauma fund to honor the care she and her son received. Halfaker will sign copies of the book at Harborview gift shop from 1-2 p.m. June 24.

She sat for a Q&A about the ordeal and her book.
Q. How is James?

A. James sustained a double fracture to his skull and pulled some soft tissue in neck. But now he is doing fantastic.

Q. How are you doing?

A. I was hit on my left side and landed on my back. My hip, shoulder, neck and head on the left side were impacted. I sustained a brain injury but I’m getting better. I have scattered memories of my son. I have a memory of the September before the accident but can’t remember the first Christmas. I started making memories in April but then I couldn’t in May. It’s been surreal.

Q. Do you consider yourself a writer?

A. I’ve been keeping a “James Journal” to record something exciting about him every day. I wrote poetry, and I wrote a children’s book in my teens, and a song. About six years ago, I decided to tackle a book. I wrote a memoir of being a special-education teacher and then I started writing murder mysteries. I also wrote a memoir of being pregnant. It wasn’t until I wanted to help James heal that I delved into a children’s book. 

Halfaker will donate proceeds from her book's sale to Harborview Medical Center until January 2015, she said.
picture of chakra book cover

Q. Why chakras?

A. Most of my adult life, I’ve been interested in chakras and spirituality. And one of the most frustrating things for me after the accident was that James couldn’t access the healing. I didn’t know his needs. He couldn’t go to a counselor or massage therapist. Before the accident, he would sleep in our bed. After the accident, he clung to me so tightly I couldn’t move. It was terrifying.

Then I took him to see a craniosacral therapist. It was life-changing and one precious memory I’ve preserved. She put her hands under my body to direct energy to spinal cord fluid and the base of my brain. She was realigning it so fluid could flow correctly. She put her hands under me and I felt a flutter of fear move across my chest and leave my body. I asked her to treat James. It took a while but she got under the base of his skull and he relaxed. That night, we went home, he rolled over, stretched his arm out and fell asleep. It was the most amazing feeling that I did something to heal him. I told myself I have to keep doing this; I can’t let him slide back.

So I started looking into chakras. Some books claimed to be for children but they were written for parents. So I decided to write one. I researched the chakras and physical activities that could open these chakras. I got some cute kids to be in photographs.

Q. What made Harborview special for you?

A. Our time at Harborview was very short, but every single person we came across was compassionate and real – someone I could see having coffee with. Every person we encountered connected with us in some way. So I wanted to honor that.

Bridget Halfaker is a special-education teacher for grades K-6 in Edmonds. “Toddler Chakras” is available on Amazon.