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As a young girl, Kelsey Schmidt was teased for being “chubby.” The taunts made her sad, led to overeating, and stuck with her as she grew up.

A study of 17 large companies in Washington state found a substantial increase in the use of evidence-based health promotion practices after the first year of the program.

Thomas Fleming was bound for the priesthood but changed his career pathway, drawing inspiration from a gifted math teacher and then from a fellow math student who he later married.

A graduate class at the University of Washington's School of Public Health gives students first-hand involvement in detecting potential health and safety hazards in industrial workplaces.

A study led by Donna Johnson, UW professor of health services in the UW School of Public Health, and published today in JAMA Pediatrics found that students at

UW professor of global health Kristie Ebi has attended United Nations climate-change conferences since 2000. The agreement reached at the Paris conference in December, she said, was nothing short of monumental.

Dr. Norman E. Breslow, 74, who helped shape the modern field of biostatistics and had a nearly 50-year career at the University of Washington, died Dec. 9 after a long illness.

Graphically representing data is not a new concept. William Playfair, an 18th-century Scottish engineer and political economist, invented the line chart, bar graph and pie chart.

Statistics show that, with increasing age, some drivers fail to grasp when their faculties slip into a territory that makes driving more dangerous.

Health was a family theme, Aaron Katz says. His mom was a medical tech for the Army in WWII, and siblings followed paths of medical education and caregiving. 


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