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Firefighters face perils beyond smoke and flames. New research shows that MRSA, a bacterium often associated with hospitals, is present in 19 of 33 Washington state fire stations.

Gary Goldbaum was motivated to pursue healthcare as a career when he learned that his father, as a young man, had been hospitalized for more than a year with tuberculosis.

UW law professor and former federal prosecutor Mary Fan is pursuing a Ph.D. in public health to better understand how to prevent social harms before the damage reaches the criminal justice system.

Mark Oberle, his wife and son, then 14, arrived on the Thai island of Phuket late on Christmas Day, 2004. By the time they checked in at their hotel and plopped down their bags, it was nearly midnight.

Reducing obesity among children. Investing in early childhood programs. Devising strategies to reduce gun violence.

My mother-in-law raised a trio of American Araucana chickens in her Seattle backyard: Egg, Mac, and Muffin.

An interactive “Polio Eradication Game,” played on a carpeted grid like a life-size chess board, may increase public interest in global health, according to a new study fro

Fewer than half of Americans have gotten a flu shot so far this flu season. This might be a bad sign for a season that could be potentially severe, infectious-disease experts said Thursday.

The world is getting fatter, and – despite progress in many countries – more people than ever are smoking. Marie Ng of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation led efforts to gather the evidence for these findings. 


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