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Noah Simon, UW assistant professor of biostatistics, is using big data to develop open-source software that could help other scientists better understand diseases.

The livers of children and adults often react quite differently to therapeutic drugs, displaying radically dissimilar responses to the same pharmaceuticals for reasons that have remained mysterious. 

Drawing inspiration from veterinary medicine, researchers at the University of Washington have helped developed a new prospective approach to detect tuberculosis (TB) – easy-to-obtain oral swab samples, greatly improving on standard diagnostics.

Programs seeking to address alcohol- and substance-abuse in American Indian communities should harness the strengths of local tribal culture, traditions and values, members of four Washington state tribal communities told University of Washingto

Greater access to green space is associated with less depression, according to a new study of twins from the University of Washington School of Public Health.

Seth Holmes, a physician and anthropologist, picked strawberries with farmworkers in Washington State and couldn’t meet the minimum requirements to keep this low-paying job.

Air pollution tends to be thought of as an urban problem, not an issue in agricultural areas such as those in Eastern Washington.

When too many healthy people opt out of immunizations, the whole population -- not just those who skipped shots -- becomes more vulnerable to disease.

The state Department of Health was seeing more instances of surface-water plants having to shut down temporarily, and was seeking guidance about how to better safeguard Washington's watersheds and drinking-water quality. 


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