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June 23, 2017

Global team finds that artemesinin therapies are as safe as quinine for women in first trimester

June 23, 2017

Because their range of action is limited to their immediate vicinity, these messaging stations could be ideal targets for precision drug design

June 8, 2017

Researchers create 1,000 protein structures

May 24, 2017

UW Medicine has only heart program in five Pacific Northwest states participating in U.S. trial of catheter-based treatment

May 18, 2017

Manipulating protein leads to better awareness of processes involved in viral replication

May 18, 2017

A cellular self-destruction trigger can change its act to save virus-attacked brain cells

May 16, 2017

Washington state measure to take effect in 90 days; should save lives, says Harborview Medical Center physician

May 10, 2017

UW drug-abuse researcher had lead role in data analysis