Op-eds: Slashing global health will hurt us all

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Op-eds: Slashing global health will hurt us all

May 14, 2017

An editorial in The New England Journal of Medicine states that the proposed 2018 federal budget jeopardizes the future of the Fogarty International Center, a leader of U.S. global health research efforts that has greatly benefited several schools, including the University of Washington.

Paul Drain, UW assistant professor of global health, is the lead author of the editorial, which says continued funding is critical. “The center’s efforts have produced medical innovations that transcend borders,” Drain wrote with peers from Harvard University and Vanderbilt University.

One example: A U.S.-Colombia collaboration laid the foundation for the first clinical trial of a U.S.-manufactured anti-amyloid therapy to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Separately, Jennifer Slyker, a UW assistant professor in global health at the UW School of Public Health and the UW School of Medicine, wrote an op-ed on the same topic in The Seattle Times, noting that more than 244 students have received Fogarty funding at the University of Washington.