Medical cargo could be gateway for drone deliveries

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Medical cargo could be gateway for drone deliveries

March 13, 2018

A trial of medical drone deliveries is proposed by UW Medicine's laboratory medicine  to the Federal Aviation Agency, National Public Radio Reports.  

To speed the integration of commercial drones into national airspace, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Agency invited state and local governments to partner with universities and companies to test drone applications, Ester Landhuis reports in Health News from NPR. 

Among the proposals are medical delivery programs, including samples for lab testing.  Dr. Geoff Baird, chair of laboratory medicine at the UW School of Medicine, described the UW Medicine's  proposal for the FAA program in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Transportation.  The larger application also includes proposals other companies, such as Amazon and T-Mobile. 

UW Medicine is asking to try out medical lab drone deliveries from th San Juan Islands in Puget Sound.  The effort would use drones developed at Arizona-based Latitude Engineering.  These have refrigerated compartments for lab samples.