Donald Trump Jr. misused #metoo, why it's not OK

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Donald Trump Jr. misused #metoo, why it's not OK

May 8, 2018

UW School of Medicine psychiatry professor explains to Yahoo News why this diminishes the movement.

Michele Bedard-Gilligan, assistant professor of psychiatry in the University of Washington School of Medicine, is the lead investigator of Project BRITE ( A Brief Restructuring Intervention following Trauma Exposure). She discusses with Yahoo News why using the #metoo hashtag inappropriately is not OK. 

“The #MeToo movement was started to draw attention to the problems associated with sexual violence and harassment. Misappropriating the term detracts from the importance of the issue,” she said. “We have a fair amount of evidence at this point that suggests a significant relationship between experiencing sexual violation/assault experiences and problems with mental health, substance use, and functioning."

According to a meta-analytic review of sexual assault’s impact on mental health, people who have been sexually assaulted report significantly worse mental health than un-assaulted comparisons. The study, conducted by Dr. Bedard-Gilligan’s colleague Emily R. Dworkin, Ph.D., found that sexual assault was associated with increased risk for all forms of mental disorders assessed. There were stronger associations between sexual assault and post-traumatic stress, and sexual assault and suicidality.