Brewery introduces cannabis-infused beer

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Brewery introduces cannabis-infused beer

July 11, 2018

KGW-8 in Portland interviews Dr. Nephi Stella in pharmacology on the benefits of cannabidiol, a nonpsychoactive molecule in cannabis.

A Portland brewery has introduced a beer called Ensemble with four milligrams of active cannabidiol, or CBD, which doesn't make you high.

Dr. Nephi Stella,  professor or pharmacology at the University of Washington School of Medicine who has been studying cannabis for 25 years, was interviewed by KGW on the benefits of cannabidiol.

Stella told the TV news team that  researchers are "very sure" CBD can reduce seizures and help fight glioblastomas, and researchers believe it is "very likely" that CBD fights pain, anxiety, PTSD and some cancers. He said you can't overdose on CBD.

"There is no aspect of cannabidiol that we understand that it would actually harm [someone]," he said. "It has a very good safety profile."