Ballplayer recovers from ruptured brain aneurysm

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Ballplayer recovers from ruptured brain aneurysm

April 24, 2018

UW Medicine brain surgeon Laligam Sekhar, an aneurysm specialist, discusses the condition of Chicago Whitesox pitcher Danny Farquhar. 

Baseball player Danny Farquhar is recovering after surgery for a ruptured brain aneurysm, which he sustained during a game April 20.  An aneurysm is a weak, bubble-like area on a blood vessel. 

"The major burst is always dangerous, and even with the best treatment today, (only) about two-thirds of patients will survive," said UW Medicine neurosurgeon Laligam Sekhar. He works at Harborview Medical Center, Washington state's busiest treatment center for brain aneurysms. 

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