After 6 months, mystery patient is identified

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After 6 months, mystery patient is identified

May 24, 2018

Court-appointed guardian located sister of man with dementia who called himself "Kenny Kenny."

The identity and history of a man who has spent months as a "John Doe" patient at UW Medical Center is now known.  His identity is not being published, though, as a matter of patient privacy.

The man who called himself Kenny Kenny was found near death months ago in Seattle's University District. His frostbite was so severe that his legs and fingertips were amputated, removing those potential sources of identification, and he has dementia.  His court-appointed legal guardian, Channa Copeland, doggedly pursued finding a relative, and recently located the man's sister.  The patient's care will be transferred to a Veteran’s Administration hospital, as documents show he served in the U.S. Air Force.