Chemicals in shampoo, toothpaste and medicines are being detected in surface waters and fish nationwide.

If data indicated that you were exposed to harmful noise levels at work, would you do anything about it?
If a personalize phone app suggested that a walk in the park tended to improve your mood, would you
step out more often?

Sperm can change their swimming behavior and even team up with other sperm in ways that may enhance their chances of reaching and fertilizing the egg, a new study suggests.

[Oct. 3: This file has been updated.]

A "strong disconnect" exists between employers in low-wage industries and their employees about the value of workplace wellness programs, University of Washington researchers report in a new study.

Reproductive cell division has evolved a simple, mechanical solution to avoid chromosome sorting errors, researchers reported in the Sept. 11 Science Express

Although modern roundworms, fruit flies and humans are separated by hundreds of millions of years of evolution, all three species use many similar molecular strategies to control cell growth, development and function, according to new research c

Taking a medication as prescribed is critical to a drug's effectiveness.

The persistence of HIV infection despite antiretroviral treatment depends partly on which human genes the virus integrates, according to a new study by the University of Washi


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